Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Around the World, Day 5 : GMT +7

After having admired the amazing sceneries of New Zealand, we are today in another exotic country, Vietnam. This was one of my favorite trip, full of discoveries and surprises. I hope you'll enjoy watching these photos as much and that you'll want to visit in your turn.

The But Thap Pagoda, near Hanoi, the Imperial Palace in Hue and frangipani flowers

But Thap Pagoda


Water buffalo and the mountains of Sapa

Kids on their way to school, in the traditional Hmong outfit (Sapa)

Sunrise on the Halong Bay (at 5 a.m!)

Fishing boat on the laguna beach near Hue

Tam Coc, where you can have a boat ride and the traditional fried rolls (that we made in a cooking class)

Ninh Binh and a lotus flower, the symbol of Vietnam

Van Long

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