Friday, December 25, 2009

Around the world, Day 1: GMT 0

Merry Christmas !
And for this wonderful day, we have a little gift too. We're starting a trip round the world in 8.... days (yes, a challenge 10 times faster than Phileas!). We''ll be today at the Greenwich Meridian, or almost : here we are in Edinburgh, Scottland. We hope you'll enjoy traveling with us through 8 different places and time zones. See you soon back in Paris (without the jet lag!)

Joyeux Noel !
Cette semaine, nous commencons un tour du monde qui durera.... 8 jours! Chaque jour nous allons suivre les fuseaux horaires pour voyager en images. Et nous commencons (presque) sur le méridien 0, Greenwich, avec Edimbourg ! Bon voyage!

IMG_7326 - Copie

The castle


View from the castle


A street in the city center

The Queen's residence

The cathedral


The botanic garden

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On December 26, 2009 Clueless in Boston said...

Great pictures from Scotland. 8 days is going to be quite a tour of the world. Can't wait to see where you go tomorrow.

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