Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Around the World, Day 5 : GMT + 3

Sorry guys, I kind of fell asleep during the journey and forgot that we had a stop in Kenya with me. These are pictures I prepared quickly, which I am absolutely sorry for, furthermore because they do not do justice to the beauty, the luminosity and generosity of this country (well, beginning to learn about photography did not help either!). I hope you will still enjoy this.

Sunrise on Samburu National Park, the beginning of the journey

Giraffes are one of the most gracious creature

A kind of antelope in the Aberdares mountains.
As you can see, this part of the country is very green, most of the water comes from this region.

Navaïsha Lake (and the head of an hippopotamus in the bottom right

Nakuru Lake, famous for its pink flamingos

Zebra mother and baby

The Masaï Mara National Park(can you see how the lion is hidding behind a bush in the left picture?)

Two predators, the vulture and the cheetah, in the Masai Mara National Park

The Amboseli National Park, with its view on the Kilimanjaro

Ostrich family leaving, it's time to say goodbye

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