Monday, December 28, 2009

Around the World, Day 4: GMT + 13

During this fourth day, you can go to New Zealand and see my pictures taken during my holiday there, last August (it was winter there at that time whereas they had a sunny and hot Christmas)

NZ (2)
My first view of New Zealand country

NZ (4)
A Nestor Kea, a bird that you can only see in the South Island of New Zealand

NZ (7)
What happens in the sheep land, stays in the sheep land...

NZ (1)
Beginning of a hike, near the Mount Cook

NZ (15)
The Mount Cook

NZ (6)
One of the most beautiful lake in New Zealand : Lake Hawea

NZ (16)
A river you can see in the Lord of the Ring movie

A way along the river

NZ (3)
The Mirror Lakes, on the road to the Milford Sound

NZ (5)
Otaries waiting for the tourists on the Milford Sound

NZ (9)
A sail between South and North Islands

NZ (13)
Cathedral Cove. Have you seen Narnia II ?

NZ (11)
A typical house of the North Island, in Rotorua, a "Maori place"

NZ (10)
A zoom of the nicest dog we met in New Zealand, the John's dog, in Rotorua

NZ (12)
Te Puha, the biggest geyser in New Zealand, Rotorua

NZ (14)
the Auckland tower

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Mon préféré c'est le chien moutmoute !

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